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Addiction Awareness Workshop: Solutions for Families

   The Nantucket Community School and the

 Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention present a

 Family Awareness Program For Individuals and Families Who Suffer From the Impact of Addiction

This Two Day Course Sponsored by Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention and The Community Foundation of Nantucket is FREE of charge.  
Pre-registration is appreciated but not required through the Nantucket Community School.

25% of the USA population is part of a family that is affected by someone with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. 90% of those active with addiction live with a family or a significant other. In families with active addiction you will see a significant amount of morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) for the members in the family.

Many believe that those who suffer from addiction should be able to “stop” using drugs and/or alcohol and should be able to “stay stopped”. As a result, families become extremely frustrated, bewildered, angry, frightened when their loved one continues to use drugs and alcohol despite warnings, threats, consequences and even treatment for the addiction.

Families play a large role in assisting the individual’s addiction to continue by enabling the loved one, although they do not realize they are doing this. Family education and treatment as part of the addiction treatment has shown to improve outcomes both for the one with addiction as well as the family.


A two-day program designed to help those who suffer from or love someone who suffers from addiction.

DAY ONE - Friday, Sept. 28th, 2018, 5:00pm - 8:00pm (snacks will be provided)

DAY TWO - Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, 10:00am - 2:30pm (a light lunch will be served)

The presenter, Janina Kean is an internationally recognized expert and spokesperson in the field of behavioral health disorders with a specialization in management and treatment of substance abuse that co-occur with mental health disorders. She introduced treatment for opiate addiction in China's Yunnan Province Opiate Triangle of the World, taught treatment for alcohol addiction in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and converted a 12-step treatment program in the United States to an evidenced based medical model for substance use disorder. She now comes to Nantucket to help Families and their loved ones who suffer from behavioral health and substance abuse disorders.

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Shape Up with Jason!

Shape Up with Jason!

Come train with ACE certified personal trainer and professional men's physique athlete Jason Small.  This fun, aerobic, 50-minute class is designed to improve muscular strength, endurance and stamina through the use of free weights, body weights and cardio exercises.   All levels and ages are welcome! Exercises can be modified for beginners and any persons with injuries. Jason holds certifications in group strength training, youth fitness, indoor cycling and has experience working with clients with multiple sclerosis.

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Nantucket Intermediate School
18 - &up Small 10/11 - 11/15 Mo Th 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM $180.00 View